Guarding Division

MML Security currently have 42 guarding sites where there are 24 hours guarding on site.

MML Security also mans and operates 15 enclosed areas around the Kempton Park area and 17 private enclosed estates and also shopping center’s around Kempton Park.

Anti-jamming devices (hand held and fixed structures) are installed at some of these premises as we at MML Security are well aware of this modus operando being used by criminals.

MML guards are also posted at 10 schools around Kempton Park.

The following technology is being used at the gates manned by MML Security:

  • CCTV off site monitoring
  • E-scanner for access control
  • Manual and automated booms
  • Foot and/or bicycle patrol

The high visibility and awareness of active guarding has been proven to be a preventative layer in community security. Guards provide additional pairs of eyes and ears, and over time become aware of unfamiliar vehicles and pedestrians. They are in direct contact with our control centre and have the ability to radio for back up when required.

Guarding is also applicable if you are hosting an event and require street patrols for the day or evening to ensure the safety of guests and cars.

All our guarding services can be on an ongoing basis or as a once-off arrangement.

Your Safety is our concern!

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